“My comments are my genuine feelings about an event I attended, it was truly beautiful. I will confidently refer RY Events to anyone in need of event planning services.

I recently attended a wedding that was planned by RY Events. I have been to many weddings and I have never seen a wedding so beautiful. The decor was the talk of the night! RY Events took a fresh and modern approach to the event and it carried through the entire space. No detail was left unaddressed. Amalia certainly has a very creative and trained eye in space design, colours, florals, and lighting. The night was very memorable and I look forward to attending RY Events in the future.”

– Boguslaw Tecza


“My 15 year old daughter and I attended a wedding planned by RY Events which was honestly one of the best weddings we’ve have ever been to.  I am in my 50’s and have been to countless wedding over the years and this one is at the top of my list!  Every single detail was thought of – from the moment my family arrived at the church to when we left the reception later that night.

*Ceremony was beautiful and not too long.
*Venue of the reception was beautifully decorated in theme, very detailed and organized.  We knew where to sit and were greeted and told all the specifics the moment we arrived.
*FOOD, FOOD, FOOD-Anti-pasta bar, hot sit-down dinner with many entrees as well as thought put into the seating plan.
*Open bar ALL night, practically any drink you could want.
*Speeches throughout the dinner-short and sweet, and interesting.
*Entertainment!  Live drummer who was amazing, great DJ.  The music was wonderful-many styles.  We danced the night away–young and old.
*Fun and unique traditions
*Midnight buffet-sliders, fries, poutine, perogies, etc, NOT to mention NUMEROUS tables of sweets, plus “special alcoholic” and “non-alcoholic” coffees and drinks if need be.

To summarize, I would recommend RY Events if planning a wedding as every detail was thought of.  Nothing was left out, plus the fact she is extremely organized and a pleasure to deal with.”

– Karen Pokocky