The Team

Amalia Ryzynski has always enjoyed the entertaining aspects of her life. This passion inevitably led to the establishment of RY Events. (RY symbolizing the first two letters of her married name). Her mission is to create a lasting and memorable experience tailored specifically for each one of its unique clients.

Amalia holds an Honors Degree in Social Work, a Bachelor of Teaching Degree from York University and has 8 years of experience as an assistant for both Social Catering and Afterdark Entertainment.

” During my younger years I subconsciously found any reason to plan an event or organize an idea. Now in my early 30’s, I finally understand why this is such a euphoric experience for me. Life seems to be passing by and in most cases people don’t remember one day to the next. I’ve had some great celebrations in my life which again I fight to remember. I want my clients to be able to enjoy these special moments in their lives and most importantly, remember them. If we live in a world where we don’t take the time to celebrate, thenĀ I think we’ve missed the point”